Dog Flu Vaccination

Dog flu can be prevented through vaccination!! Dogs that board, or go to daycare or training classes are at highest risk. It can take up to 2 months for immunity to occur after vaccination, so plan ahead! Read more-->

Cat Survives 36 Days in a Box

A cat survives being in a box for 36 days during a family's move from Suffolk, VA to Hawaii. Read more-->

Woman's 50+ cats being killed after kitten gets rabies

More than 50 cats in and around a woman's house in Bear are being killed after one of her kittens tested positive for rabies, Delaware public health officials said late Thursday. Read more -->

Dog treat recalled due to possible mold

JAKKS Pacific has recalled Kong Aussie Sticks dog treats because the snacks may be tainted with mold. The company distributed the product to PetSmart stores. Read more -->

Bravo pet foods recalled following positive salmonella test

Pet food manufacturer Bravo has issued recalls of four of its dog and cat food brands containing turkey and chicken because Nebraska health officials found salmonella in some samples. The bacteria can cause gastrointestinal symptoms in pets and people. The products were distributed nationwide. Read more -->

Canine Mushroom Poisonings

Vets in Marin County, CA are concerned about an uptick in mushroom poisonings. Read more -->

Cat with Rabies on the Eastern Shore

A rabid cat bites someone on the Eastern Shore. Read more -->

Health Officials Say Kitten with Rabies was the Only One

North Dakota health officials say a rabid kitten purchased at a Minot pet store was the sole cat in the litter with the disease. Read more -->